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Sturgeon Caviar Malossol

Sturgeon Caviar Malossol 2,5 % salt , preservative-free , non-GMO

Shelf life at a temperature of -2 to -4 degrees 1 month

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Sturgeon Caviar Malossol

Low salted caviar of sturgeon, among many other specialties has always been and remains the queen of the table, being thus not only treat, but the sign of gastronomic delights, sophistication and luxury.

Such marine delicacy now transformed into one of Russia's most enduring symbols, both in the country and far beyond its borders. It would not be a huge discovery that the whole world particularly appreciate black caviar and considers it the most desirable and best product. Therefore, many having been in Russia, be sure to take away her along as a souvenir for relatives and friends.

One of the most popular and sought after today by the consumer (both domestic and foreign) is a low salted black caviar. Probably also because among the many varieties of it, it is the most difficult to prepare, has a very limited shelf life and an amazing soft creamy nutty flavor.

Black Caviar Low Salted

Besides, describing a product like malosolёnaya sturgeon caviar, we can not dwell on its quality and, most importantly, beneficial properties for the human body.

For a long time it has been found that it is one of the most highly nutritious and balanced food, moreover, tasty and useful. A utility and its value in that it contains almost everything required for the normal functioning and development of the body of people trace elements and vitamins.

From such basic mineral elements can be identified 30% of the protein of easily, 13% fat, in addition, it vitamins groups - A, B, D, E, folic acid, lecithin, iron, an amino acid and a large amount of iodine which is 100% digestible human thyroid gland.

Of course, caviar black slabosol not a cure-all, however, it can be taken as an excellent preventive and restorative remedy. Note that the set of trace elements and vitamins contained in it, improves memory, brain function, maintains and improves the immune system, improves blood circulation and greatly increases the potency.