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Beluga Caviar

Beluga Caviar Premium Quality. Grade AAA. Large size of 3 to 4 mm, from dark gray to white in color, with a pronounced nutty flavor. Large, soft, tender, melting in the mouth with a unique taste. Beluga Caviar premium VIP sector. All valuable natural and taste maintained at 100%.

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    Beluga Caviar 125 grams

    Beluga Caviar “the biggest and the most expensive” – that’s how you could s...

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    Beluga Caviar 250 grams

    Beluga Caviar “the biggest and the most expensive” – that’s how you could s...

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Beluga Caviar

Russia's image in the eyes of foreigners would not be complete without such thing as black caviar. This is a truly traditional for our kitchen product that was used for centuries by our ancestors in the food. In Soviet times, it has become a truly iconic product that joined the face of our country and took his place among the most popular traditions. The most famous is the variety of its white sturgeon caviar, which can be bought easily in our online store for the best prices. Her taste qualities - true bliss. Having tried it once, one will never forget this taste, that is never exactly like others and has no analogues. Many of us may have wondered how much cost the white sturgeon caviar, because there is a popular stereotype that its price is completely transcendental. We answer to you on this issue: our price is very accessible to all. This is not cheap in itself, but worth it unforgettable taste and tasting a unique product at least once. You can make sure in it by yourself. So if you are interested in Beluga Caviar, buy it in our online store. Touch the treasures of the seas!

What is Beluga Caviar

It is difficult to imagine a product that can be compareв with this wonderful delicacy for its useful properties. Their list can be endless. Beluga Caviar, that you can easily buy in our online store, is a treasure trove of useful substances to the body. It contains a wide variety of minerals and amino acids that are so necessary for our body to function properly. Buy caviar and your body will ensure an excellent source of vitamins, healthy fats and proteins. People knew about its beneficial properties even in the old days, when the gifts of the sea began to be eaten, it’s truly magical practices was not hard to notice. Therefore the price of which will delight you pleasantly long become an integral ingredient of premium cosmetics. Being an active substance it even finds application in the medical field, becoming a part of natural-based medicines. Its magical effect works like a wonder with our hair and skin, helps to improve blood circulation and has a positive effect on the vascular system. This makes us a gift in the form of sea element so amazingly delicious delicacy.

Comfortable conditions of purchase

We make the caviar acquire very convenient and profitable. If you're wondering how much the white sturgeon caviar costs, then you have come directly to the address. Here you will find the best price that will allow you to finally try a coveted delicacy. Thus in our catalog you will find only top grade quality products. You are presented an elite Beluga Caviar, the price of which will please you. A large number of different varieties, among which there are only the best views, the taste of which can not be compared with anything else that you have ever tasted in your life. All caviar granular premium salted, down hole - now property of our collection, our pride and joy for all of our customers. This is a truly unique product. it is difficult to find analogues for it anywhere else in the world. We find a brilliant, beautiful, alluring product, which proves in our photo catalog that the product is not in vain admired worldwide. Packaging of any size can be purchased in our online store. Check our price and quality of which will be a pleasant surprise for you!