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About LLC "Russian Black Caviar"

Our Contacts

LLC "Russian Black Caviar"
Russia 143421, Moscow Region,
Krasnogorskey District, Village Ilynskoe,
property "Ilychevo", corpus 2
INN/KPP - 7722322151/772201001
OGRN - 1157746278843

Phone: +7 (495) 66-99-5-88

Our products

Beluga Caviar, Sturgeon Caviar, Sterlet Caviar, Golden Caviar Albino

- in glass jars with a capacity of 50 and 100 grams;
- in cans with a capacity of 125, 250 grams.

Our History

In 2006 based on fish farm complexes in the city of Taganrog on the Azov sea and in the city of Saratov on the river Volga, commissioned certified plant for the preparation of black caviar, equipped to the latest standards with all Russian and international requirements.

In December 2008, the Russian market received the first batch of caviar from the company "Russian Black Caviar". Since that time, caviar supplied to all regions of Russia, fish farm complexes work non stop 365 days a year.

Fish and caviar products of the company "Russian Black Caviar" are under constant surveillance and control of the district veterinary services.

Fish farm complexes run by experienced ichthyologists, who for many years engaged in breeding of sturgeon fish. The fish farms are the graduates of the Institute of biotechnology and fisheries, and qualified fishing. For constant supervision, the introduction of new technologies and improve the quality of sturgeon caviar we attract specialists from all-Russian Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography.

Today, the company occupies a leading position in Russia in the field of trade of caviar Beluga, Sterlet, Siberian Sturgeon. All black caviar brand "Russian Caviar" is made on pure salt, without any preservatives.

We value the quality of our product, so all, without exception, products of the company "Russian Black Caviar" is a very thorough quality control, which takes into account the color, size, hardness and quality caviar grain and unambiguously refers to the sector of VIP products.

Goverment Product Certification and Declaration of Conformity

Product Certification        Declaration of conformity